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Our team is dedicated to helping practices meet the requirements of Patient-Centered Recognition Program requirements.  We work with each client individually to determine where your practice stands today, identify the work to be done to help you meet your goals. We’ll put a plan in place, keep you on track, and get you to the finish line.


  • "The Verden group was exemplary in communication and handling of my practices's pathway to PCMH certification. They would not let me just settle for a Level 2 and kept pushing me to do more and we ended with a 3! The daily communication helped me to know what I needed to work on next. And before submission, more than three people reviewed the application to make sure all the I's were dotted and T's were crossed. Amanda kept in constant contact and we scheduled times where we could talk through some of the documentation and how to retrieve it from my system. I was very happy to work with the Verden group and will use them again in a heartbeat." -- Lisa Cosgrove, MD

    -Atlantic Coast Pediatrics (Merritt Island, FL)
  • "We are most grateful to the team from Verden for providing the insight, guidance, advice and expertise to enable us to obtain Level 3 PCMH certification on our first submission. The team provided excellent resources for helping us stay focused and organized. Regularly scheduled meetings required us to keep our momentum going. The level of expertise of the Team was extraordinary in that they were so knowledgeable of the requirements, they were able to point out areas that needed improvement before we submitted them, thus ensuring a good end result. I would not hesitate to recommend this highly professional group to guide any practice through the arduous task of seeking PCMH certification." - Phyllis Zissman, Administrator

    -Altamonte Pediatric Associates
  • “The Verden Group / PCS Team was unbelievably helpful to me and my organization when we were going through our first PCMH recognition process. They were so organized and detailed and made what would have been an overwhelming process, seem like a breeze. I cannot thank them enough. We wouldn’t have received Level 3 recognition with them” - Jennifer Horne Manager, Clinical Informatics

    -Tribe 513, Greenville SC
  • “A huge thank you to the consultant team – it would never be more accurate to say ‘We couldn’t have done it without them.’ They really know all of the details, from logical to quirky, of how to do NCQA PCMH.” – Jeff Bernstein M.D.

    -Pediatric and Adolescent Care of Silver Spring