Getting Started With Us

We work with each client individually to determine where your practice stands today, identify the work to be done to help you meet your goals. We’ll put a plan in place, keep you on track, and get you to the finish line.

What does a typical project look like?

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Step 1: Where do you stand currently?

The Verden-PCS team takes you through a ‘readiness’ survey to determine where your practice stands in relation to meeting the NCQA standards. Gaps are identified and a plan of action created to fill them. You can take that survey here.

Step 2: Where do you need to be?

The Verden-PCS team works closely with the practice to implement an achievable plan of action, assisting with the transformation to NCQA- recognized PCMH operations through every step of each standard.

Step 3: Working through the process.

We will guide you through the adjustments necessary to meet the NCQA standards, help compile and review your work prior to submission of the application, and assist with any final adjustments so that the goal of achieving the highest level of recognition is attainable.

Step 4: Getting paid for what you do.

Once the practice achieves NCQA recognition, efforts shift to helping the practice maximize its return on the investment through Payers incentives and other programs.